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Wireless Application Creator

The SmartTrust WACTM, Wireless Application Creator, is a development tool for building mobile applications for SmartTrust Wib and the SmartàLaCarte platform. Download WAC today, free of charge and start developing your killer applications!

WAC is an easy-to-install stand-alone development tool for application developers, intended for the development and testing of Wib applications before implementation in a real network environment.

The tool simulates the complete mobile environment including SmartTrust DP, the GSM network, the mobile terminal and the SIM card including SmartTrust Wib.

Key features of the SmartTrust WAC include

  • Edit your Wib applications with the tool
  • Verify them in a Wib and phone simulator
  • Fetch and simulate live applications directly from a web server
  • Push Wib applications to an existing Universal Gateway for further transport to a real phone and Wib to verify in a real terminal environment
  • Full support for WIG WML including simulation of standard SmartTrust Wib plug-ins
  • Full support for WIG WML version 4
  • WIG WML 5
  • Unicode supported in Wib applications


Documentation and software downloads

WAC User Guide
Pdf 1M

WAC 4.2.2 Release Note

SmartTrust WAC 4.2.2 Installation Package - exe 15M. WAC requires Java 1.6 or later in 32-bit version on the target machine.

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