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Support Helpdesk

We are committed to fully supporting our customers in the operation and use of our SmartTrust platforms. The SmartTrust Helpdesk and SmartTrust Software Maintenance services are covered in Support Agreements, available through our sales organization.

Customers can report problems 24 hours a day via mail, phone or web. You receive regular updates on the progress of work until the incident is closed.

We offer several levels of services to cover a wide range of systems from non-critical applications to business critical ones.

Standard support level

A high support level for SmartTrust standard products, Standard Support covers you 24/7 with efficient system problem resolution and support for management of key business systems.

Advanced support level

Designed to cover business critical systems around-the-clock,  Advanced Support is a comprehensive, high-availability system support solution for our standard product portfolio.

On-site support

We provide on-site support on request. For more information, contact your Account Manager.

Support team

The SmartTrust product support team consists of experienced system engineers who work closely with the product development and maintenance teams. We will proactively help customers to resolve system problems, provide expertise and implement patches and service packs in customers systems.

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For more information contact support@smarttrust.com