Over 150 implementations from more than 25 SIM vendors

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Nearly 2 billion SmartTrust Wib SIM cards. List of cerified SIM vendors

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SmartTrust Certified™

SmartTrust Certified is a SIM certification program open to all SIM vendors. The certification program started over a decade ago in 2001, and today a majority of the suppliers in the market participate.

SIM certification

SmartTrust Certified is an open SIM certification program ensuring adherence to standards including Wib, RFM and RAM. A majority of the suppliers in the market participate in the program. The program started over a decade ago in 2001.

SmartTrust Wib is a DSTK interpreter. Developed by us in 1999 it has become the de facto standard for SIM based application interpreters and the world’s most widely deployed DSTK interpreter. All the major SIM vendors have implemented SmartTrust Wib.

Our specialists test and certify the SIM implementations based on SmartTrust Wib specifications. These specifications are licensed for development to the members of the program. By doing this, the SmartTrust Certified program ensures compatibility between the Wib implementations on different SIM cards.

Over 150 implementations from more than 25 SIM vendors have been tested and granted the title SmartTrust Certified. In order to be certified, the card has to pass a battery of over 500 test cases covering Wib, RFM, WSM and RAM compliance. The certificate is given for a SIM card with a specific chip and mask definition.

A SmartTrust Certified card will shorten time to market, save money and ensure interoperability with the SmartTrust DP. The result is a positive subscriber experience regardless of SIM vendor used.

SmartTrust Certified cards are supported by the G&D 3S product support organization. Non-certified cards may generate additional support costs.

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