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What is SmartTrust Certified?

SmartTrust Certified is the title awarded to a SIM card that has undergone and passed certification testing by us. All SmartTrust Certified SIM cards are listed here.

Why should I choose a SmartTrust Certified SIM card?

A SmartTrust Certified card will shorten time to market, save time and money, and ensure interoperability with SmartTrust DP. A SmartTrust Certified SIM card has passed a battery of over 500 test cases covering Wib, RFM, WSM and RAM compliance. No extra fees are charged to the operator for supporting a certified card.

How long does it take for a SIM vendor to get a SIM card SmartTrust Certified?

This depends on the quality of the implementation and the experience of the developer. Prior to the SIM certification testing by us, the SIM vendor has the possibility to run the same tests.


How much does the SIM vendor pay to get a SIM card SmartTrust Certified?

Members of the SIM certification program pay an annual fee:

License SmartTrust Wib 1.3

Testing fees Wib 1.3:

1st test round
Subsequent test rounds

Can I see the test results?

At no cost, a Test Summary is provided to the SIM Vendor after each completed test round. A reference to the summary document is found in the public list of cards and can be requested from the SIM Vendor together with a certificate.

Which cards are SmartTrust Certified?

All cards that have passed the certification test are listed here.

What does it mean that a SIM card is on the pending list?

The SIM Vendor has requested tests from us and the card is in the certification process.

What is SmartTrust ApprovedTM?

SmartTrust Approved is the title awarded to a Vendor Guaranteed SIM card. A SmartTrust Approved SIM card is not tested by us. The SIM Vendor guarantees the behavior of the card.

What is a Vendor Guaranteed SIM card?

Members of the SIM certification program can use a SmartTrust Certified Wib-implementation as a "parent" for another card in the same family using another memory size. The SIM Vendor guarantees that the card behaves exactly the same as the "parent" card. Such a card is called Vendor Guaranteed card. It is awarded the title SmartTrust Approved and listed on SmartTrust public website. A Vendor Guaranteed SIM card is not tested by us.

What is the SmartTrust Certified Program?

The SmartTrust SIM Certified Program is a SIM certification program for testing and certifying implementations based on SmartTrust specifications, which are licensed for development to members of the program.

Who can become a member of the SIM certification program?

All SIM vendors and software developers involved with SIM cards are welcome to become members. All members are listed here.

Can I get the Wib specifications?

SmartTrust Wib specifications are only distributed to members of the certification program.

Are there other specifications than SmartTrust WibTM licensed under the program?

Yes, but the specifications are only distributed to the members of the certification program.

UTK Wib for CMDA networks
Java API

Are plug-ins certified as well?

Tested - yes, certified - no. Plug-ins are tested and verified. Please contact us for further information.

Can you test the interoperability between the SmartTrust Delivery Platform and the SIM card?

Yes. We have pre-defined SIM card testing services so you can make use of our broad experience of daily SIM card testing. We can customize SIM card tests. Please contact us for further information.

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