Tools and guidelines for SmartTrust Wib applications

Developers' corner

tools, guidelines and examples of how to develop and deliver Wib applications visit developers' corner

Developers' Corner

In our Developers' Corner, we have gathered all the information and tools you need to develop applications on SmartTrust Wib, the de facto standard for SIM-based interpreter environments.

The essential information for developing Wib applications is under the headline documentation. There you will find all the guidelines, specifications and protocol documentation you need to create your Wib applications.

Under Wireless Application Creator, you can download our development tool Wireless Application Creator (WAC) which will help you to develop and test Wib applications on the spot. Verify your application and the interaction between locally installed wiblets and dynamically loaded wiblets from an application server on the Internet. Run through your whole sequence of operation for the application before trying it on a real SIM card. In the WAC on-line help, you will find examples of code that will give you a kick-start in your programming. The WAC tool also enables you to verify the correctness of your code.

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