Over 150 implementations from more than 25 SIM vendors

Certified SIM cards

Nearly 2 billion SmartTrust Wib SIM cards. List of cerified SIM vendors

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Consultancy services

In addition to the certification program, we offer consultancy services based on our many years of daily SIM card testing:

SmartTrust SIM card Interoperability Testing Service

After a SIM card has passed certification testing by us, personalization of the card is done to adapt to customizations requested by the operator. The personalization of the SIM card has an impact on the card behavior and could potentially affect the interoperability between the SIM card and the operator's production platform. To avoid any complications and ensure full interoperability, we offer an interoperability testing service.

SmartTrust SIM management service

SIM management requires SIM knowledge. We offer a SIM management service providing advice and technical expertise about SIM technology and SIM card related processes, card requirements, SIM card tests and SIM logistics.

We have more than two decades of experience with SIM cards. We have gained broad insight in the SIM and OTA field and the application of that insight to drive SIM technology forward. The SmartTrust Certified SIM certification program gives us, and you, the benefit of nearly a decade of intensive daily testing.

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